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Why Strip 4 Power?
“If you want to strip your whole life, that's your business.  
If you don’t, that's my business.” 
-Bad Girl Liz 

    Strip 4 Power’s Rockstar Life & Business Coaching System WORKS!

Why Strip 4 Power?  Strip 4 Power is a transformative Rockstar Life & Business Coaching System designed just for women in the Adult Entertainment Industry. This proven system will help you explode your income and transform your life. The adult industry can be empowering and financially rewarding, but if you don’t have someone guiding you through the industry, showing you the right path, providing you raw insight on what to do with your cash, you may get lost. 

You need to have a person on your team with expert knowledge on how to create a truly satisfying and happy life, or you will be missing out on your full potential. And I am here to remind you that you are filled with LOTS OF POTENTIAL to make your stripping career a powerful and satisfying choice!  I will not let you down. Guaranteed.

Here is the Scoop: I personally worked as a stripper for over 18 years and I made tons of money.  I own a successful production company, had my own radio show and am featured on Playboy TV. I chose my stripping career to strip my way through college.  Despite all my success, I had moments where I was still depressed and anxious. I did not have the happy and abundant life I wanted and deserved. I wanted more out of my life.  I wanted more money, more happiness, more love, more travel and to ultimately ... be FREE of sadness and frustration. 

Today, I have all these things.  How?  Because I discovered the SYSTEM to creating the Life of Your Dreams.  And guess what? You can create the Life of Your Dreams too. Stripping is Easy. But, building the Life of Your Dreams, takes a specialized Rockstar Life and Business Coach to get you there.  This program is not for everyone.  I designed it for fearless women just like you. So take action Now! And hey girls, this is NOT your Sugar Daddy’s boring Business Coaching Program. This is a ROCKSTAR SYSTEM designed for women just like you. Take a moment to read below, so that you can figure out where you are in reclaiming your life!         

         Do You Know What to Do While in the Industry?

You are making tons of stripper cash. You have no idea what to do with it. You spend it on clothes, shoes and life expenses. But you aren’t clear on how to make your money work for you. You want to know How to Double Your Stripper Cash.

Listen, the money at the club is easy, fun and rewarding.  Did you know that you could use your stripper cash to create the life of your dreams? How many times have you gone to work and not made enough money, or found there was too much competition? Maybe you go to work and don’t know why you are there. You leave the club with less than what you wanted, broken hearted, frustrated and depressed. 

Even today, I hear the stories of women entering this industry with big dreams and ending up out of work, on the streets or addicted to drugs with no hope in sight.  These stories break my heart.  It is my intention to give women who choose to work in the Adult Industry the powerful tools to the Golden Road of Success. I teach you systems and tools in creating the strong foundation to build the Life of Your Dreams.

What if I told you there is a simple way to maximize your stripper cash? What if there is a person out there who has years of experience to help you achieve the Life of Your Dreams? What if there is One Fearless Action you can do to make you MORE MONEY?

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Do You Have a Clear & Powerful 
"Exit Strategy" to Get Out of the Industry?

It is important to create a Clear & Powerful Exit Strategy to get out of the industry.  One day you will eventually have to get out of the industry. There will come a point when you say to yourself, “I have been there, done that.” “I am getting older.” “My body hurts.” “I am tired of being hung over.” or  “I am burnt out.” Yet, you may not know where to go next...  Or, maybe you know Now that you want a full abundant life and you are ready to take the next steps, but you have doubts and fears about your future and how to get there. The time is now to create a Clear & Powerful Exit Strategy!

Maybe you fear your stripper past will haunt you...Maybe you aren't sure which direction to take?  You fear losing your freedom and flexibility.  There are many "what if's" that can run through your mind.  What if I cannot find a job that pays the same?  What if I am stripping until I am 40?  What if I never find my true purpose? What if my Sugar Daddy never finds me? Who do I want to be when I grow up?

I had all these thoughts and fears.  And at the time, I had no idea how I would get out of the industry.  So I did ALL the research, studied and developed a powerful pathway out of the industry.  I did it. I got out. And I now teach others this PROVEN SYSTEM.  I will reveal to you the secrets on how to build a Clear & Powerful Exit Strategy to create your dream career that serves your higher purpose.

Strip 4 Power Rockstar Life and Business Coaching System will guide you through this next exciting transition in your life.  

Apply to Strip 4 Power Rockstar Life & Business Coaching System and achieve the Life of Your Dreams.

        Private Coaching with Bad Girl Liz includes:
  • 6-Month Private Business Coaching and Mentorship experience to help you achieve the Life of Your Dreams.
  • An All Access *VIP Pass* to Bad Girl Liz which includes: Unlimited texts, e-mails or calls for questions and support regarding anything to do with the coaching process, and your development and progress.
  • 12 Coaching Conferences scheduled as needed throughout the 6-month coaching program. These calls are done via Skype, instant message, over the phone or in person (if geographically permitted)  
  • Bi-Weekly accountability check-in systems to keep you on track and stay focused.
  • Strip 4 Power community support discussion forum to keep you connected.
  • Utilization of the Strip 4 Power tools, techniques, affirmations and coaching materials to help you create the Life of Your Dreams.

Bad Girl Liz designed the Strip 4 Power Rockstar Life & Business Coaching System to transform your life. This SYSTEM will help you earn more money at the club in order to accomplish your Life Dreams. You will discover your true purpose and together we will make an Action Plan on how to get there. You will receive continuous support while you still work in the industry and build the Life of Your Dreams. The SYSTEM will show you ways to build more income and create more happiness than you thought possible. 

       This SYSTEM is POWERFUL.
 You Deserve Strip 4 Power Rockstar Life & 

Business Coaching System

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