Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! 

Holding so much gratitude for you. You are curious enough to find yourself here on my secret page.

Yes, you are in the right spot.
Yes, you are loved.
Yes, You are supported.
Yes, I am your Shamanatrix.
Yes, I am a healer.
Yes, I choose to use this healing modality into the Adult Industry.
Yes, this may trigger you.
Yes, you may not understand completely.
Yes, you know you seek the lights.
Yes, you know about the dark.

I heal both the dark side and the light side of our soul.

                   You are safe. You are loved.

The work I do currently on this page, is healing one of our societies dark sides. I find the light within this industry and transmute it, empower the women and shape shift the industry.  I know the dark intimately. I know the light. I use my shamanic teachings and practice in this industry to heal and transform.

The lessons I collect, I share with my many clients in all types industries and social cultures.  I work as a Shamanatrix to heal and shape shift your subtle energy body.  You are ready for change. How do I know this? You have read this far. You are no longer fearful. You desire a difference in your life. You desire transformation. Yes.  I see that. I can feel you. Now what?

Its time to heal. The next step is reaching out to me.  Below is a contact form. This is a private form. Your secret is safe with me. My purpose is to serve. My passion is to help.  I have one purpose with many missions. You know you are ready to heal with me. Aho!

Much Love,
Your Shamanatrix

    Yes, I seek transformation.