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The Former Stripper


 Empowerment Coach

I am Bad Girl Liz.  I am both a former stripper and an Empowerment Coach. I designed my Strip 4 Power Rockstar Life and Business Coaching Program specifically for women who work in the Adult Entertainment Industry.  WHY?  Because I worked in the Adult Entertainment Industry as an Entrepreneur and Stripper for over 18 years! I truly know the ins and outs of starting a successful business, creating more wealth and happiness, and how to use Stripper Cash to create the Life of Your Dreams.  

As an entrepreneur, I started my adult business in 1991 so I could strip my way through college. I earned a bachelor’s degree from UCSD in Sociology with emphasis in Social Deviance.  By the time I graduated, I had my own Radio Show, was featured on TV Shows and my agency was the top agency in my territory.  I grew my business in 12 different cities and worked directly with top people in the industry.

As a Stripper for almost two decades, I made TONS of money!  Cold hard cash that was extremely fun to spend.  I had killer bachelorette pads, cars, vacations, a college degree and lots of fun.  I have been featured on Playboy TV, Playboy Radio, in Playboy Magazine and at the Playboy Mansion. I also have been featured on San Diego’s own Rock 105.3 Stripper Thursday’s, San Diego’s 91X and The Learning Channel’s The Secret World of Strippers. I worked as a stage dancer for Kid Rock, Model Coordinator for LA Music Awards, Playboy Music Awards, Playboy’s 50th Anniversary Model Search and as a Trashy Lingerie Model. 

…And, even with all my success and fun, I knew one day I would have to get out of the industry. Despite all my success, I was depressed and anxious. I did not have the happy and abundant life I wanted and deserved. I wanted more out of my life.  I wanted more sustainable income, more happiness, more love and to ultimately ... be FREE of sadness and frustration…

Today, I have all these things! 

BUT… Here is a deeper truth: I feel a call to help…I still hear the stories of women entering this industry with big dreams and fabulous education goals using stripping to get there. Yet later, they end up out of work, on the streets or addicted to drugs with no hope in sight.  These stories break my heart.  It is my intention to give women back their power tools to plot a road for success. It is my mission to shed a positive light on this industry and give back to an industry that allowed me to achieve my dreams.

This program is the result of my learning.  It is dedicated to those women who strive to achieve more than they can imagine, to those who have fallen behind, and to those who have already touched my heart.

So… let me share with you the new and EMPOWERED BAD GIRL LIZ:

I am an entrepreneur and a Rockstar Life and Business Coach.  I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a yogini, a world traveler, a philanthropist, a writer, a shaman, a Reiki healer, a Real Estate Agent, a life student, a performance artist, a teacher, an artist, a photographer, a digital nomad and an Empowerment Coach. 

I am an expert in developing and creating Marketing Ideas, Entrepreneurial Concepts, Investment Opportunities, Educational Pursuits, Building Resumes, Creating More Wealth, Finding Your Job Transfer Skills, Finding Your Purpose and helping ease fears, depression or anxiety.

I have heard it all, done it all, and been it all.  And now, I completely support you, your path, and your commitment to creating a Rockstar Life with you.  Let’s Do This!

Much Love

Bad Girl Liz


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